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Lakeview Wedding by Lake Ontario

In the glow of the light that poured in through the windows of her living room, Melanie sat next to her mom as her final makeup touchups were being done.  She had been by her side for most of her life, and now quite literally her mom was close by to enjoy the moments leading up to her wedding ceremony with laughs and cheers with drinks with her bridesmaids.

After climbing the long staircase to the top, Bryon waited at the railing overlooking Lake Ontario from the 60-foot lighthouse-style viewing tower for their First Look.  As the waves of water rolled up onto the beach and sailboats coasted in the distance, they were overshadowed by Melanie’s arrival; and Bryon’s reaction to seeing the love of his life on their wedding day was proof that she was a beautiful site for him to see.

On a glorious day when the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind between wind, sun, overcast or rain, Melanie and Bryon were married in the ballroom of the Lakeview in Hamilton before dancing the night away in cowboy boots with their incredibly family and friends.

Melanie+Bryon – we hope that your road trip to Nashville was full of memories, music and fun times together!  Thank you for the honour of capturing your memories for you.


C E R E M O N Y + R E C E P T I O N | The Lakeview

O F F I C I A N T | Ray Swash of Dream Wedding Officiants

B R I D E ‘ S   D R E S S   D E S I G N E R | Vera Wang

B R I D E + B R I D E M A I D S   D R E S S   S H O P | David’s Bridal

H A I R + M A K E U P | Alyson Gough of Emerald Beauty

P H O T O G R A P H Y | Brent and Patti


Kerncliff Park Engagement Session

For the days that are not as bright as others, literally or figuratively, having someone close to you can make a difference.  A warm hand to soothe your cold hand, a hurting heart eased by an understanding one, or even making the best of a heavy downpour of rain with the person you love – nothing else matters because you’re together.

So, on an adventurously rainy day on the edge of Burlington, Devon and Rob met with us for their Kerncliff Park engagement session with #WetHairDontCare and#Together in full effect!


L O C A T I O N | Kerncliff Park in Burlington

P H O T O G R A P H Y | Brent and Patti


Waterside Inn Port Credit Wedding

They didn’t know each other in the beginning, but they would see each other in the elevator of the building where they both lived.  At first, casual pleasantries were exchanged which later turned into small conversations, and then a connection on a different level started to develop.  But it’s not the easiest thing to do when you only have the better part of one minute during an elevator ride and a short walk to the parking lot.

That’s when Julie took a chance and left a note for Michael on the windshield of his truck – it worked – which lead to their two first dates.

Julie is a friendly and loving person with a reputation of being one heck of a baseball player!  And although Michael’s hockey skills have taken him to great heights, it’s his kind-heartedness and ability to put a smile on her face everyday that Julie fell in love with.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon after exchanging vows in the heart of Mississauga, Julie and Michael had all of their closest family and friends help celebrate with them near where the Credit River meets Lake Ontario in Port Credit at the Waterside Inn.

Julie+Michael – we can’t thank you enough for giving us the honour of capturing your wedding day for you, and for some fun times ice skating back in February!  We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Having a couple of minutes alone as a very newly married couple.


Uh-oh!  Getting arrested on your wedding day?!

Not to worry!  Turns out it was a great joke played by a police officer that they actually know 🙂


Such an incredible group of people to have by your side.


The backdrop off of Lakeshore Road where the Credit River meets Lake Ontario in Port Credit is so pretty.


C E R E M O N Y | St. Ignatius of Loyola Church

R E C E P T I O N | The Waterside Inn

F L O R I S T | Floral Glow

B R I D E ‘ S   D R E S S | Sophie’s Gown Shoppe

B R I D E M A I D S   D R E S S E S | David’s Bridal

H A I R | La Cupola Hair Salon

M A K E U P | Fiona Man

C A K E | The Social Cupcake

D J | Unique Entertainment Group

P H O T O G R A P H Y | Brent and Patti