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Hilton Falls Engagement Session

She left her bag at the airport.  The flight from Ontario to British Columbia to visit friends was good, except for leaving behind essentially everything she would need for the time that they would be away from home.  This would include a good pair of shoes to hike up a mountain – you can do that in a pair of Toms, right?  Mark was insisting to make the hike even if Karley was a good candidate for a foot massage that night, because he knew something was waiting for them at the top and it was all his doing.

At the top, overlooking evergreens leading for miles and miles to the view of the rockies, Mark asked Karley to be together forever.

On a beautiful fall evening just outside of Milton, Karley and Mark met with us for their Hilton Falls engagement session to add to the excitement leading to their wedding day next year.  This time with more comfortable shoes for hiking (before changing into something more fashionable), they walked along the paths down to the dry river bed and back out to the vivid colours of the changing leaves along the Niagara Escarpment.


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Rustic Barn Wedding Milton

It all started in high school – the classic romance story of boy sees girl, boy asks friends about girl, boy talks to girl, and their first date.  Dedication in her sport over the years would see Devon traveling to and from Oklahoma for cutting horse training for long periods, and visits back home would be cherished time.  No matter the time apart, Robert always knew that he wanted to share the rest of his life with Devon and years later he asked her to marry him.

As the sun peeked in and out from behind the rolling clouds overtop of the Country Heritage Park, friends and family from both north and south of the border gathered on a beautiful early fall afternoon to witness Devon and Robert’s dedication to each other and vows of support, love and being one-another’s biggest fan.  With a view of the Niagara Escarpment behind them, everyone made their way into the Gambrel Barn for an evening of speeches from loved ones, memories of those who have passed, and a full dance floor well into the night.

Devon+Robert – we are truly honoured to have shared your day with you!  We can’t thank you enough for making us feel so welcome and treating us like friends.




C E R E M O N Y + R E C E P T I O N | Country Heritage Park

O F F I C I A N T | Rev. Paul Ivany

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Milton Wedding Photographer

The glow of the light from the window illuminated her dress as it hung in the hallway..  A pair of green shoes lay nearby hinting at the colour palette chosen to compliment her wedding day – which just so happens to be Chelsey’s favourite colour.  The sunshine turned to clouds and rain, and back to sun, throughout the early part of the day; but there was nothing to dampen her spirits as she prepared with her close friends and mom by her side.

As Jeffrey stood under the cover of the gazebo at Mill Pond, the heavy rain broke and the sun seemed to shine its brightest rays in time for their First Look.  As he turned to see his smiling bride he couldn’t help but admire her, then took her hands into his.  A moment to hold on to and remember, which all deserved a kiss and a high-five 🙂

On a gorgeously sunny, cloudy, rainy, and breezy day, Chelsey and Jeffrey celebrated their love for each other as they exchanged vows on the grounds of the Grand Chalet in Milton before dancing the night away with their family and friends.

Chelsey+Jeffrey – from the moment we sat and chatted with you about your motorcycle trip and Engineer Pass we knew that we wanted to help capture a part of your adventure together.  We are so honoured to have been able to be their with you on your wedding day!


C E R E M O N Y + R E C E P T I O N | The Grand Chalet

O F F I C I A N T | Dave Mathieu

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