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The smell of coffee beans puts a smile on my face.  When I open up the pantry door, reach for the roast of the day, and can already smell the coffee even before opening the bag – I know something good is going to happen, like any worries I had for the day are melted away with a big sniff of rich aroma and a long sigh of “Ahhhhhh…!”

But another thing in this world that puts a big smile on my face is when I can help to put a big smile on the face of someone else.  As a photographer I have the distinct privilege of being part of a large group of people that love to make people smile.  And part of that privilege is having a talent to not only use it, but to share it and give something back to people that are so deserving, which is everyone in this world.

I, along with Patti and many of my photographic friends, had the honour of participating again late into the end of the year in Help Portrait.  It’s not a charity, but more a global movement.  Photographers and anyone willing to help get together for a common purpose, across the world, to provide something that not everyone has access to – having their portrait taken.  It’s kind of one of those random acts of kindness, but with a little planning.  No one is asking for anything in return, no money needs to be donated to Help-Portrait.  It’s a group of people donating their time, knowledge, and hearts to make someone’s day that much more special.

We were privileged, again, to be a part of a group that went to the Darling Home for Kids to provide family portraits in time for the Christmas season.  To find out more about the Darling Home for Kids and how you can help this awesome organization, click HERE!

Patti and I received a hand written thank-you card, and its message showed us how much we can do in this world, even if we only reach one person.  I also had a little fun of my own that day and shot a little video of highlights, my first attempt!  See below for the video.

  • Taylor Jackson - Brent this is amazing of you and Patti! I know I am on the other side of the world right now but next time you do something like this (and I know you will!) please give me heads up and I’ll be following help portrait too!ReplyCancel

  • Patti - The Darling Home is a truly amazing place with even more amazing people. My heart belongs to everyone of you. I have watched this video many times and it still brings me to tears. These are tears filled with love and joy that these fabulous families have such a beautiful place to go for fun and perhaps a little help when needed.ReplyCancel

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